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YEY! Already Done for my Final plate for Color rendering. 
Here I come finishing touches. #Colormeblind 

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Reminiscing. browsing my old photos

Blog Entry 2

Spanish colonized the Philippines for 300 hundred years so no doubt that until now, we still carry on their influenced towards our society. There are many traits that the Spanish had greatly affect our lifestyle but I will give you just two great examples of Spanish colonial influences in contemporary Philippine Society.

One of the examples that I know that are still influenced by the Spanish is the Roman Catholic Faith. The friars managed to evangelized Filipino people who looked at their missionary worked. The task of Christianizing the Filipinos were the Spanish achieved from our manner to faith. By Christianizing the people, the Spanish Catholic missionaries were in effect remodelling Filipino culture and society according to the Hispanic standard. Until now, we are still influence by the Spanish because the Roman Catholicism in the Philippines still does exist. Under the influenced from our faith the belief through what friars said also still exist because at the time Spanish colonized the Philippines, the Filipinos at that time believe that what friars always said is true although sometimes they just convincing some for them to do favor for themselves that in today’s contemporary Philippines society we Filipinos still have this faith through priest, that for me is not quite good. Another example of Spanish influenced to the Philippines is through manners, customs, habit and language. I will set aside the other and just focus first in language. I am positive that no doubt we Filipinos are still customary to use Spanish words. There are Spanish words that can’t translate to Filipino words, I can’t remember the other words but I think this can be an example, “Tinidor” from the Spanish word “Tenedor” that means fork. On the other hand there are Spanish words we used to be that we Filipinos used the way it is instead of the translating it to real Filipino word like “Lamesa” from the Spanish word “La Mesa”, and we Filipinos used to be named our table to lamesa instead of “Hapag kainan”. Others are now commonly used today in the daily practical transactions of the Filipinos with each other. Like what the article said this influence is evident even in the way we tell time “alas singko y media”, in the way we count “uno, dos, tres”, and in the family names we carry De la Cruz, Reyes, Santos, etcetera. Back to Spanish times, they only teach Spanish words instead of Filipino words and the rich people at that time must speak in Spanish a word that is why until now we Filipinos have a big impact from the influence upon colonizing of the Spanish though the Philippines.
According to the article I read other influenced to us the opulence of these edifices was clearly visible in the ornate facades, paintings, and sculpture, as well as in the behavioral patterns of the people and in the intricate rituals associated with Roman Catholic churches. No doubt that this influence towards us can never be gone because it is now part of our culture, our society and our history.

SOURCE: http://filipinokastila.tripod.com/FilSpa.html

Vector Portrait at PS (COMGRAP)

DONE !!!!!!!!

Still doing my comgrap. 

Vector Portrait on Photoshop

photo restoration dont like me…

Typographic Portrait of myself.


The Phenomenal COLREND plates..

*Mixing acrylic colors.

*Only White, Black, Blue, Yellow and Red are used

kala ko nung una ayos lang, pero hindi pala. 

Akala ko lang madali pero hindi hindi hindi HINDI !!! :)))))

*Sira na body clock ko dahil sa mga yan :/

Fantasy Land


Awwww…. <3 :3 

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I will do my best to fix this up !! COMGRAP

It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.

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